Why Should The Job Be Performed By A Certified Technician or by a Regular Handyman

Let’s imagine for a minute, you go to the doctor and he states he will take a few moments to review your symptoms by checking Youtube, this is similar to what most handymen do, they review google and YouTube and then take a guess to repair your appliance while charging you high rates by their best-estimated guess. I bet you would run away from this doctor, our point is that the diagnosing and repair of your appliance should only be trusted by local technicians who are dedicated to —> Click for SAIT Appliance Service Technician and dedicate the time to expertly learn their trade. Some of the appliances in your home, such as a dryer, ovens, and stoves require 240 Volts, this voltage can easily kill a person. The handyman insurance doesn’t cover any misdiagnosing or incorrect repairs for this type of service and this could put you at liability for any accidents or deaths that may occur in your home. Additionally, they could cause expensive damage to your home, if they do not have the experience and tools to properly remove appliances, thus costing you thousands of dollars in damage to your home. In this trade, you have to know so many tricks of the trade, and the person who doesn’t do this job as a full-time appliance technician is not aware of the tricks of the trade. For example, if you have a broken electronic board, the new electronic board may cost between $200 to $400 and the person who doesn’t know how to fix those boards will recommend replacing the board. The journeyman technician will present to you several options, such as replacing the Relay or replacing the Resistors, which is the most common problem with those boards because of the self-clean option that people use. The person who doesn’t have a ticket will not know how to recharge the freon (R134A) or replacing of the compressor. Some of the refrigerators using instead of R134A they use R600 which is a flammable gas, which you have to specially drain in the atmosphere and use the Nitrogen to flush the system in regards to not exploding the compressor. Click for —> How do R134A professionals dispose of refrigerant?

frigidaire fridge repair
Frigidaire fridge, leak of the freon repair (R134A)
refrigeration service tools
Refrigeration Service Tools for R134A
Appliance Repair Technician
Ge Oven ignitor replacement
Oven ignitor replacement

So, by saving on your service call fee, you are most likely getting an underqualified technician who will improperly diagnose your appliance and either overcharge you or just leave your home collecting the service call fee because they state it is not repairable. Furthermore, most customers’ end goal is to try to repair their appliance with minimal cost, but with knowledgeable and reputable journeyman technicians, which are all the necessary liability insurance. 

If you don’t mind having a technician diagnose the issue without proper credentials ?!

Some customers do not mind having a technician diagnosing the issue without proper credentials, but they should not be charging you substantial prices such as $130 to $220 for the labor per hour. If you want to negotiate pricing with them we suggest a price range between $30 to $40 an hour, and the job might take longer than necessary, and the price of parts will be doubled in price. To have a comparison with the pricing for parts you can do a quick check with local parts supplier companies such as Reliable Parts or Amre Supply to have an idea of what the average cost for your part is supposed to cost. 

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Author: Yevgen Zayets