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John H. Appliance Repair is a Beaumont – based small business that focuses on the maintenance and repair of household appliances, offering expertise in servicing washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, and ovens.

Our approach to the trade industry is tailored to your needs. When facing challenges with your major appliances and arranging a service with us, you have the opportunity to engage in a direct discussion with a technician. This way, we aim to pinpoint the issue through our conversation with you, ensuring that we have a comprehensive understanding of your concerns before we even arrive to examine your appliance.

It’s important to mention that we cannot promise an immediate call from our technician. Our skilled technicians are usually out and about, handling the repair needs of our valued clients. If you wish to have a conversation with a technician, please share your details with our receptionist, who will ensure the information reaches the appropriate technician. Once the technician is free, they will contact you to address any concerns you may have.

When you schedule an appointment, Your time is highly valued when you book an appointment with us. We make it a priority to schedule appointments within a specific time window, making every effort to arrive promptly or even slightly early. We understand the inconvenience caused by disruptions to your schedule, and thus, we go the extra mile to conduct diagnostic tests and repairs for your home appliances in a timely manner. Furthermore, we ensure fair and competitive rates for our services. When it comes to replacing parts, we exclusively use genuine, manufacturer-approved parts. This commitment to genuine parts ensures that you receive top-notch quality and a perfect fit, as the original integrity of your appliances is maintained, enabling them to perform at their best.

Once the appliance repair is completed, we take pride in explaining the problems that cropped up, detailing the underlying causes, and offering recommendations to evade similar issues from arising in the future. At our company, we strive to create nothing short of an exquisite experience for our dear customers by delivering high-quality, efficient repairs alongside amiable, respectful service. Our core objective is to establish genuine, long-term relationships with our customers, be they property managers or homeowners, as we gain gratification from our work and value the opportunity to help others.

If you are looking to purchase parts: We recommend checking local stores such as Reliable Parts and Amre Supply

John H Appliance Repair Expert
Appliance Repair – Beaumont & Surrounding
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We Repair Fridges, Dryers, Washing Machine, Stoves, Oven, and Microwave of Any Brands
Beaumont Appliance Repair Expert
Fully Licensed, InsuredJourneyman Certified Technician offering Maintenance – Installation Service in Beaumont.

Appliance Repair Beaumont
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Fridge Repair 

John H. Appliance Repair specializes in repairing fridge and ice maker issues. If your fridge is not cooling, the door isn’t closing properly, or your ice maker is malfunctioning, our skilled local technicians can swiftly identify the problem and come equipped with the necessary replacement parts. We also handle broken fridge water dispensers. Trust John H. to diagnose and address these issues efficiently.

 The most common refrigerator Issues!

  • Fridge compressor fan issues. The fan is essential for cooling the compressor and preventing overheating. A malfunctioning fan can cause strange compressor noises and overheating.
  • Strange clicking noise from the fridge. This noise may indicate problems with the starter relay or an overloaded compressor.
  • Rattling noise from the fridge. The drip pan under the fridge may be causing this noise, and repositioning it may resolve the issue.
  • Icemaker problems. While some noise from the ice maker during water flow is normal, increased noise levels will require inspection.
  • Fridge defrost issues. Ice or snow buildup may be a problem with the defrost timer, which can become noisy with age and may need replacement.
  • Freezer malfunction. If the evaporator motor starts making noise, it will require replacement.

Washing Machine Repair

Welcome to the perfect destination for washer repairs in Beaumont. Our proficient team is dedicated to promptly identifying issues and restoring your appliances to working condition without delay. We aim for efficiency and effectiveness in every repair job. A call to 5 Star Appliance Repair Service is all you need – let us facilitate your laundry tasks once more! Our skilled washer repair technicians deal with faulty drain pumps, water valves, door gaskets, and suspension shocks daily, contributing to the longevity of your washing machine. Our mantra remains: “Repair it, don’t replace it!”

 The most common Washing Machine Issues! 

  • Inability of the pump to drain and blocked hose
  • Washing machine leaks
  • Problems with inadequate water supply due to issues with the control or inlet valve
  • The presence of standing water, which might be caused by a blocked drain or malfunctioning pump
  • A worn-out washing machine belt that is either cracked or loose

Dryer Repair

Are you frustrated with your clothes taking an eternity to dry? Is your dryer causing distressing noises or flashing error codes on the display panel? No need to worry, as John H. Appliance offers same-day or next-day repair services for your appliances. If you reside in Beaumont or neighbouring areas, we are your reliable solution. Our expert technicians are well-versed in resolving dryer repair issues, and we undertake daily tasks such as replacing heating elements, support wheels/rollers, pulleys, fuses, belts, barrings, and other essential components to ensure speedy clothes drying.

The most common Dryer problems we solve include but are not limited to:

  • The absence of warmth in the dryer could be attributed to several issues, including a faulty thermostat, an ineffective timer, blown fuses, a malfunctioning heating coil, or a complication with the vent.
  • Problems with the dryer’s drum could be traced back to malfunctioning noise rollers, a compromised idler, or difficulties with the belt.
  • Overheating issues in the dryer might originate from a defective thermostat or a compromised heating coil.
  • The reluctance of the dryer to turn on might be due to a malfunction in the start switch, the motor, the terminal block, or possibly a failure in the timer.

Stove Repair 

Are you dealing with an oven that won’t heat or a stovetop burner that’s either too hot or not functioning at all? Is there a bothersome noise coming from your oven’s fan? When searching for a skilled “oven or stove repair technician near me,” John H. Appliance Repair Beaumont is ready to address and resolve your appliance issues. With our outstanding 5-star rating, we’re recognized as the top choice for appliance repair services in the greater Beaumont area. Our mobile team of oven and stove repair specialists is praised for their promptness and professionalism, ensuring they have all necessary replacement parts within their service vehicles. Offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee, there’s every reason to reach out to John H. Appliance Repair Beaumont without delay.

The most common Stove / Oven problems we solve include but are not limited to:

  • The heating element on the surface becomes excessively hot, indicating the possibility of a malfunctioning switch that can be readily substituted for a new one.
  • On the cooking surface, the notification light fails to turn off, hinting at either a compromised switch or an indicator light that’s not working correctly and may require replacement.
  • If the heating performance of the range or cooktop is subpar, it often suggests an issue lies within the primary control board of the unit.

Dishwasher Repair

Our team of highly skilled technicians is certified to repair any type or brand of dishwasher, including well-known names like Bosch, KitchenAid, Frigidaire, Electrolux, Whirlpool, and Maytag. If you’re facing issues with your dishwasher’s functionality, consider our first-rate dishwasher repair services in Beaumont. You’ll find our technicians to be courteous and efficient, always willing to explain the costs involved upfront. They adeptly handle replacements of key components such as water inlet valves, drain pumps, circulation motors, dish rack adjusters, and main control boards. What’s more, we provide up to 90 days of warranty on all parts replaced. We fully grasp the irritation of a broken dishwasher, and we’re here to diminish that strain by ensuring your dishwasher operates smoothly again swiftly.

The most common Dishwasher problems we solve include but are not limited to:

  • The dishwasher is experiencing difficulties in draining water out.
  • The drying function of the dishwasher is not performing as expected.
  • The controls on the dishwasher are unresponsive.
  • The dishwasher has a leakage problem.
  • Dishes remain dirty even after running a cycle in the dishwasher.
  • The dishwasher fails to power on.
  • There’s an issue with closing the dishwasher’s door properly.
  • There are unusual sounds coming from the dishwasher while it operates.
  • An error message is displayed on the dishwasher’s digital screen.
  • Water is found leaking around the area where the dishwasher’s motor is located.
  • The dishwasher has a problem with water spilling over its edges.

Appliance Installation – Microwave Oven Repair

Are you in need of expert assistance with the setup of your new appliance or getting your microwave back in working order? We advise you to get in touch with Advance Appliance at (587) 602-3033. Their dedicated team of professionals ensures a meticulous and streamlined repair and installation process, embracing the highest standards in the industry and benefitting from their comprehensive experience. Additionally, they adeptly manage all aspects of electrical and plumbing requirements, along with thorough cleaning after the installation is complete. Rest assured, once they’ve finished their work, your appliance will be perfectly installed or repaired and primed for operation. Don’t delay in contacting them at (587) 602-3033 for trustworthy services.

 Repair Serves Van in Beaumont

John H Appliance Repair Expert
Appliance Repair – Beaumont & Surrounding
(587) 418-4440
We Repair Fridges, Dryers, Washing Machine, Stoves, Oven, and Microwave of Any Brands
Beaumont Appliance Repair Expert
Fully Licensed, Insured -Journeyman Certified Technician offering Maintenance – Installation Service


How Much it cost to repair my Appliance?

To determine the cost necessary to repair your appliance, it hinges on the particular troubles it has. It’s challenging to give an accurate estimate without a direct and careful evaluation. Our approach is to extend a flat-rate fee for our skilled technician to visit your home and conduct a comprehensive diagnostic. Following this, you will be furnished with a complete report detailing the nature of the trouble and the steps needed for its resolution. You will be offered an on-the-spot tailored estimate, and then it is entirely up to you whether you decide to undertake the repairs based on the provided quote.

Is My Dryer Worth Repair?

Discover swiftly and without breaking the bank whether repairing your dryer is a viable option. Reach out and speak to an appliance expert directly to secure your complimentary same-day service appointment. To pinpoint the exact issue with your dryer, or any home appliance, it’s essential that a qualified technician carries out a diagnostic evaluation. This approach ensures your family’s comfort and confidence through expert dryer servicing.

Should I perform self-cleaning on my oven?

In our professional capacity as appliance repair technicians, we advise against the use of your oven’s self-cleaning function. Our numerous service calls confirm that many oven malfunctions stem from the use of this self-cleaning convenience. Although added by manufacturers for ease of cleaning, it detrimentally affects the oven’s structural integrity and shortens its useful life. The self-cleaning process subjects the oven to extreme temperatures that can be perilous for its components. We have frequently encountered extensive damage to important mechanisms, including the door locking system and thermal fuses, as well as destruction of the control boards and wiring impairments, all because the cleaning cycle’s heat intensity is too severe for the oven’s internal parts.

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John H Appliance Repair Expert
Appliance Repair – Beaumont & Surrounding
(587) 418-4440
We Repair Fridges, Dryers, Washing Machine, Stoves, Oven, and Microwave of Any Brands
Beaumont Appliance Repair Expert
Fully Licensed, Insured -Journeyman Certified Technician Offering Maintenance – Installation Service

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