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John H. Appliance Repair is a small, locally-owned business in Leduc. We specialize in repairing household appliances, including washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, and ovens.

We believe in providing a personalized approach to the trade industry. When you schedule an appointment with us for any issues with your household appliances, you can request a phone conversation with one of our technicians. This allows us to attempt to diagnose the issue by speaking with you, giving us a comprehensive understanding of your concerns before we arrive to inspect your appliance.

Please note that an immediate phone call from our technician may not be possible, as they are usually busy with existing clients. If you wish to speak with a technician, you need to provide your information to our receptionist, who will relay it to them. Once the technician is available, they will give you a call at the earliest convenience to discuss your concerns.

We prioritize your time when scheduling appointments and understand the value of punctuality. We aim to arrive promptly, if not ahead of schedule, within a narrow time window. We make every effort to efficiently diagnose and repair your home appliances while offering fair and competitive pricing. When it comes to replacing parts, we only use genuine, manufacturer-approved parts to guarantee exceptional quality and a perfect fit, preserving the original integrity of your appliances for optimal performance.

After repairing the appliance, we communicate the problems encountered, illustrate the underlying issues, and offer guidance on how to avoid similar issues in the future. Our objective is to deliver top-notch customer experiences marked by high-quality repairs and friendly, considerate service. We strive to build enduring, meaningful connections with our clients, be they homeowners or property managers, as we take great pride in our work and find fulfillment in assisting others.

If you are looking to purchase parts: We recommend checking local stores such as Reliable Parts and Amre Supply

John H Appliance Repair Expert
Appliance Repair – Leduc & Surrounding
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We Repair Fridges, Dryers, Washing Machine, Stoves, Oven, and Microwave of Any Brands
Leduc Appliance Repair Expert
Fully Licensed, InsuredJourneyman Certified Technician offering Maintenance – Installation Service in Leduc.

Appliance Repair Leduc
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Fridge Repair 

The technicians at John H. Appliance Repair specialize in fridge and ice maker repair services. If your fridge isn’t cooling, the door isn’t sealing properly, or your ice maker is malfunctioning, our local experts are equipped to promptly diagnose the issue and carry the necessary replacement parts. We also address problems with broken fridge water dispensers. Trust John H. to efficiently and effectively resolve these issues.

 The most common refrigerator Issues! 

  • Fridge compressor fan problems. The fan plays a crucial role in cooling the compressor, preventing it from overheating. When the fan malfunctions, the compressor may produce unusual noises and the fridge may begin to overheat.
  • Unusual clicking noise from the fridge. If your fridge emits a clicking sound, it may indicate issues with the starter relay or an overloaded compressor.
  • Rattling noise from the fridge. A possible cause of this noise is the drip pan located under the fridge. Repositioning the pan may resolve the rattling.
  • Ice maker complications. While some noise from the ice maker when water flows into it is normal, heightened noise levels may signal the need for a thorough inspection.
  • Fridge defrost issues. Ice or snow buildup is likely due to a problem with the defrost timer, which may become noisy as it ages, necessitating replacement.
  • Freezer malfunction. If the evaporator motor starts making noise, it will require replacement.

Washing Machine 

Looking for washer repair services in Leduc? You’ve come to the perfect place. Quick problem evaluation and speedy appliance repairs are our specialties, which is why our team of experts is highly regarded. Our adept technicians strive for swiftness and effectiveness each time they execute repairs. With just one phone call, 5 Star Appliance Repair Service is at your beck and call, ready to facilitate your laundry needs once more. Drain pumps, water valves, door gaskets, and suspension shocks are just a few of the components that our washer repair technicians replace daily, thus extending the years of life of your washing machine.

 The most common Washing Machine Issues! 

  • Leakage from the washing machine
  • Problems with underfilling – possibly linked to control or inlet valve malfunctions
  • Presence of standing water, possibly due to a obstructed drain or malfunctioning pump
  • An aged washing machine belt showing signs of cracking or looseness

Dryer Repair

Experiencing prolonged drying times for your clothes? Is your dryer emitting unusual sounds or displaying error messages on the panel? No matter the nature of your dryer problems, timely appliance repair services are available with John H. Appliance. Whether you reside in Leduc or nearby areas, we are here to address your dryer issues promptly. Our team handles dryer repairs daily, including the replacement of heating elements, support wheels/rollers, pulleys, fuses, belts, barrings, and other crucial components to guarantee efficient clothes drying.

 The most common Dryer problems we solve include but are not limited to:

  • The dryer’s lack of heat might be stemming from a malfunctioning thermostat, a defective timer, damaged fuses, an issue with the heating coil, or potentially a problem with the ventilation system.
  • Issues with the dryer drum could be arising from malfunctioning noise rollers, a damaged idler, or troubles with the belt.
  • Should the dryer be overheating, it’s likely due to a faulty thermostat or a damaged heating coil.
  • Failure of the dryer to initiate could be attributed to issues with the start switch, the motor, the terminal block, or the timer being defective.

Oven Repair

Stove Repair

Is your oven refusing to heat up? Or perhaps your stovetop element is overheating or won’t heat at all? Are you noticing unsettling noises from your oven fan? If you’re in pursuit of a qualified “oven or stove repair technician near me,” then look no further than John H. Appliance Repair Leduc for assistance with your malfunctioning kitchen appliance. Boasting an impeccable 5-star rating, we stand as the premier service provider for appliance repair needs in Leduc and its vicinity. Our team of mobile oven and stove repair experts is renowned for their efficiency and professionalism, always prepared with the necessary replacement parts on hand. With our commitment to your complete satisfaction guaranteed, reaching out to John H. Appliance Repair Leduc is a decision you won’t regret.

The most common Stove/Oven issues!:

  • The surface burner overheats, suggesting there might be an issue with the switch, which is a straightforward fix by replacing it.
  • Regarding the cooktop, the signal light remains lit continuously, indicating the potential for a malfunctioning switch or a defective indicator light that needs attention.
  • When experiencing inadequate heating on the range or cooktop, it typically points to a problem with the central control board, necessitating a closer look.

Dishwasher Repair 

Our expert team is equipped with the knowledge and certification necessary to repair dishwashers from any brand, whether it be Bosch, KitchenAid, Frigidaire, Electrolux, Whirlpool, or Maytag. Should you encounter any issues with your dishwasher, our top-rated repair services in Leduc are here to assist. Our approachable technicians ensure rapid and efficient resolution of problems, maintaining transparency about the service costs. They are proficient in replacing a wide array of parts, including but not limited to water inlet valves, drain pumps, circulation motors, dish rack adjusters, and main control boards, and provide assurances of up to a 90-day warranty on all installed parts. We recognize the inconvenience that a malfunctioning dishwasher can cause – allow us to relieve your burden by swiftly restoring your appliance to its optimal condition.

On a daily basis, our local appliance repair technicians fix dishwashers for some of the following problems:

  • Issues with draining in the dishwasher
  • Dishwasher lacks proper drying capabilities
  • Uncooperative buttons on the dishwasher
  • Dishwasher has a leak issue
  • Dishwasher falls short in cleaning
  • Incapable of starting up
  • Dishwasher door fails to secure correctly
  • Noises emanating from the dishwasher
  • Dishwasher’s display showing fault codes
  • Leakage detected around the motor compartment of the dishwasher
  • Dishwasher overflows with water

Appliance Installation – Microwave Oven Repair

If you need expert assistance with setting up your new appliance or fixing your microwave, I highly suggest reaching out to Advance Appliance at (587) 602-3033. Their team of expert technicians ensures a seamless and effective repair or installation service, adhering to the top standards in the industry and leveraging their wide-ranging experience. Additionally, they manage every aspect of the job, including electrical work, plumbing, and cleaning up after the installation. After their work is complete, your appliance will be installed, serviced, and operational. Feel free to contact them at (587) 602-3033 for reliable service.

 Repair Serves Van in Leduc

John H Appliance Repair Expert
Appliance Repair – Leduc & Surrounding
(587) 418-4440
We Repair Fridges, Dryers, Washing Machine, Stoves, Oven, and Microwave of Any Brands
Leduc Appliance Repair Expert
Fully Licensed, Insured -Journeyman Certified Technician offering Maintenance – Installation Service


How Much it cost to repair my Appliance?

The exact expense for fixing is contingent on the nature of the problem at hand. Furnishing an estimated cost telephonically is not feasible without a precise in-person assessment of the issue. We have a flat-rate charge for our technician to make a house visit and carry out a thorough diagnostics of your appliance. After the evaluation, you’ll receive a comprehensive breakdown of the problem along with suggested solutions. An individualized cost proposal will be given to you immediately, leaving you with the choice to proceed with the suggested repairs or not.

Is My Dryer Worth Repair?

Discover in a timely and cost-effective manner whether your dryer merits repair. Get in touch directly with an appliance expert to schedule your complimentary same-day service appointment. For a thorough assessment of your dryer, or any household appliance issue, it requires an experienced technician to conduct a diagnostic test. This ensures that your family can rest easy knowing your dryer is under professional care.

Should I perform self-cleaning on my oven?

As experts in appliance maintenance, our advice is to avoid utilizing the self-cleaning feature on your home oven. Our experience shows that ovens frequently encounter problems when this feature is employed by homeowners. While oven designers include this feature for its ease of use, it, unfortunately, compromises the oven’s durability and overall longevity. The intense temperatures achieved during the self-cleaning cycle can jeopardize the oven’s components. We’ve observed significant damage to critical components, including the oven’s door lock mechanism, thermal fuses, control board meltdown, and wiring malfunctions, attributable to the excessive heat that surpasses the tolerance levels of the oven’s internal parts.

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John H Appliance Repair Expert
Appliance Repair – Leduc & Surrounding
(587) 418-4440
We Repair Fridges, Dryers, Washing Machine, Stoves, Oven, and Microwave of Any Brands
Leduc Appliance Repair Expert
Fully Licensed, InsuredJourneyman Certified Technician offering Maintenance – Installation Service

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