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Hello there! My name is John, and I own John H. Jenn Air Appliance Repair in Edmonton, Alberta. As a licensed journeyman appliance repair technician with over five years of experience.

Over at our shop, we’re experts in Jenn – Air Appliance Repair in Edmonton, and we’re proud to offer excellent service.

We’ve been in the repair business since 2017, and my team and I have worked on many appliances over the years, so we’re pretty skilled at what we do.

If your appliance is acting up, just give us a shout.

Many times, our customers question us, What should I do if my appliance is more than ten years old? Should I repair or replace it?

If your appliance is older than 10 years, it is probably best to replace it. 

But if the issue is a simple fix, you probably have a good chance your appliance will work for another few years.

As we all know, newer appliances are not made to last. Sometimes, if the issue with your appliance is a simple fix, it best to get a thorough diagnostic, and if the repair is within a reasonable price range, the appliance should last 2-4 years longer.

However, if you are determined to repair it, you can count on our team to help you.

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Jenn Air Fridge Repair

When your Jenn Air fridge breaks down, it won’t be long until your food spoils if it isn’t fixed right away. John H Appliance Repair offers emergency Jenn Air Fridge Repair services seven days a week, including weekends and holidays. Please contact us when:

  • Creates strange noises or a banging sound
  • The door does not fully seal when closed. 
  • The temperature setting is not working, causing food to spoil prematurely.
  • Water is not freezing in the freezer section. 
  • The ice maker is not working, resulting in water leakage, jamming, or clogging.
  • The drain hose is frozen or does not drain water.

Jenn Air Washing Machine Repair

Your laundry will quickly begin to pile up if your washing machine breaks down. As a Jenn-Air washing machine repairman, we at John H. Appliance Repair Expert Appliances offer same-day service so you never have to go without clean clothes. Our expert technicians have extensive experience with Jenn-Air Washing Machine Repair. Please contact us when:

  • Your Jenn-Air washing machine won’t turn on or, once turned on, stops operating
  • Strange Banging or Other Sounds Coming from Your Jenn-Air Washer
  • It is necessary to replace the filter.
  • The lid or door won’t open; it leaks when closed; it doesn’t seal properly.
  • There’s a burning smell emanating from your Jenn-Air washer.
  • Your Device Begins to Seep Water Pump, Valves, or Seals Are Damaged or Worn
  • On the digital panel, an error message or timer error code appears.
  • The drum on your Jenn-Air washer may not spin properly or at all. The washer does not fill with water or empty completely.

Jenn Air Dryer Repair

It can be more than just a bother to find a place to hang your clothes if your Jenn-Air dryer breaks down. John H. Appliance Repair Expert has been fixing Jenn Air Dryer Repair in the best way possible for years. When you should call us:

  • When you turn on the dryer, it doesn’t start. 
  • The machine turns off right away after you start it.
  • When the dryer is turned on, it doesn’t spin or tumble;
  • There is no heat; clothes are still wet after the cycle is over; 
  • The dryer’s timer stops working; 
  • Can smell burning coming from the machine;
  • The dryer starts to make strange noises or shakes uncontrollably.

Jenn Air Stove Repair

Jenn Air Oven Repair

If your Jenn-Air oven or stove stops operating properly, it not only disrupts your meal preparations but can also be harmful. High heat, gas, and electrical problems can result in a fire or physical danger, therefore it is critical to have one of our skilled experts handle your Jenn-Air stove repair. Reasons for calling us include:

  • Oven does not heat properly or at all, and the broiler mode does not work.
  • Oven door does not open and close properly.
  • Temperature Setting Issues Causing Uneven Baking
  • The oven light keeps turning off or not turning on, and the self-cleaning setting does not work.
  • Stove elements do not heat properly or at all when turned on. 
  • They continue to heat after being turned off. 
  • They also start to spark after being turned on.

Jenn Air Dishwasher Repair

Because they handle time-consuming daily tasks for you, dishwashers greatly simplify your life. Breakdowns of your Jenn-Air dishwasher might easily cause havoc with your everyday schedule. You can get your dishwasher problems fixed fast at John H. Appliance Repair Expert so you can get on with your day. Your Jenn Air dishwasher repair professional can assist you with:

  • There’s Leaking from Your Appliance
  • Jenn-Air Dishwasher Is Not Draining Water;
  • It Is Not Starting or stopping mid-cycle
  • Not That Water Is Filled in It Correctly, 
  • Your Unit Does Not Clean Your Dishes Correctly, 
  • It Begins to Make Strange Noises


Jenn Air Appliance Installation Tips

There are a lot of handy tools out there that can help you setup your own appliances. Our website has step-by-step steps to make sure the installation goes smoothly. Jenn Air Appliance Installation in Edmonton.

If you are looking to buy Jenn Air parts in Edmonton, I highly recommend checking out local companies that offer them.

A video was made to help you choose the right part for your device. The video shows you how to find out what kind of appliance you have and then choose the right part for it. If you want to watch this movie, click here. -> how to find the model of your appliance.

Jenn Air Appliance Repair Prices in Edmonton

There is a list of prices for appliance repair in Edmonton, St. Albert, and Sherwood Park only. See a full list of how much it costs to fix appliances, -> Jenn Air Appliance Repair Costs in Edmonton.

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Appliance We Repair in Different Cities

Years of Jenn-Air appliance repair expertise in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, are available at John H. Appliance Repair. We are quite proud of the outstanding and dependable client service we offer. Our knowledgeable Jenn-Air appliance repair professionals can troubleshoot and fix all kinds of Jenn-Air appliances, both home and commercial. Knowing that your kitchen and laundry appliances will be fixed quickly gives you peace of mind. Get in touch with us right now for dependable, affordable same-day repair of any Jenn-Air appliance.

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John H. Appliance Repair Expert – Edmonton
Jenn Air Appliance Repair Service – Maintenance – Installation
(587) 418-4440
40+ years servicing Edmonton & surrounding areas
Edmonton Jenn Air Appliance Repair Experts
We offer same-day or next-day repairs
Fully Licensed, Insured & Bonded Technicians

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